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Baltic Travels – Beauty Sites in Latvia

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Baltic Travel & Baltic Tours

The Baltic countries constitute one of the richest countries in terms of their typical features that make them attract people around the world. The beautiful coastline, the majestic landmarks sites, the cathedrals, the churches, the museums all make the countries a great source where you can reach and learn many new things. Today, in Baltic Travels we’d discuss Latvia’s beauty sites.

The Baltic countries have numerous beautiful spots that represent the best in nature. A few of the best scenes include:

  • The city of Riga: Riga is the biggest and the most beautiful city in the whole Baltic region. The top attractions majestic cathedrals in Gothic style as per Art Nouveau, delicious local cuisine, and a good number of shops to buy various handicrafts, artifacts, and the like. Riga is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list for its cobblestones and pleasant spectacle of the river.
  • Kuldiga: Kuldiga is one of the best architectural structure standing amid beautiful landscape. Kuldiga is known as the Venice of the North and features a great mix of historical building and flowing water. It is a good site for your family holiday or spending a romantic weekend. Remember to include this in your Baltic Travel trip.
  • Gauja National Park: Gauja National Park is the oldest and biggest national parks in Latvia. It has a variety of flora and fauna, landform, natural spring, picturesque views, sandstone boulders and more. The National Park is stand in an area of more than 90,000 hectares and protects the beautiful area of the Gauja valley. To enjoy it full, you need more than a day. 
  • Turaida Museum Reserve: Turaida Museum Reserve is one of the most important museums in Latvia and is known for the historical art and archaeological monuments. The structures furnish information on life from the 11th century and later. Do visit the Turaida Stone Castle (built in 1214) where the Kaupo the Liv leader of Turaida was located earlier. You can also visit the Folk Song Garden and climb the Folk Song Hill. Both these have great sculptures showing Latvian folk song themes.

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