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Baltic Travels: Do These in Estonia

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Baltic Travels & Baltic Tours

Estonia is among the tiny countries of Baltic with picturesque lands, forests, beaches, history and people. When you reach Estonia you would get in touch with the landmarks such as fortifications, medieval houses, and paths and alleyways taking to the rarest adventure destinations. As a part of your Baltic Travels, you’d enjoy doing many things to spend your time in pleasure and make it memorable.

Enjoy the wonders of science at AHHAA: The AHHAA is one of the best of its kind in the country. You’d see divers’ events and exhibits. You may participate in the interactive exhibition, science there shows and programs. The Hall of Nature would know a lot about fungi and mould in a safe environment.

Learn Estonian History: The history of the Estonian History Museum can be traced back to 1802 the year when Johann Burchard (town hall pharmacist) Ester eggs known as MonFable. The important exhibits include a recreation of the interior of a home, mannequins with historical attire, and the like.

Likewise, the Haapsalu Castle is one of the spectacular structures of architecture in Estonia. The castle is said to have been the residency of local authorities until the 17th century. It is the largest single-nave church in the Baltic region. Do include these sites in your Baltic Travels trip.

Check out the rarest of flora and fauna: Visit Karula National Park that is known as Klia Rout in the local parlance, and witness the rich biodiversity of Estonia. Explore the rich lakes, hills, the landscapes. Red-listed species include the spotted eagle, the black stark, Baltic orchid, pond bat.

Check out the art of Estonia: Kumu (the shortened form of Kunstimuuseum) is the biggest museum of art in Northern Europe. The museum showcases Estonian art from the 18th century and henceforth. The main attraction for visitors is the art of Socialist Realism which was known as Nonconformist Art.

Take a glimpse of seaplane: The Seaplane Harbour is a museum dealing in the maritime affair. It’s house in the Naval Fortress of Peter the Great and has myriads of exhibits. Visitors can take look at the full-size model of a seaplane, and they can get to know to pilot a submarine.

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