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The Baltic countries are best known for their typical geography, culture, folk traditions, clean beaches, rich greenery, traveller friendly locals and many areas that are yet to be explored. As for foods and beverages, you’d get the real taste of the Baltic region as a whole. Under your Baltic Tours blog, we’d discuss a few foods of the region.

The foods of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania are accordingly to mainly the seasonal nature and the typical location of each of the three counties in northern Europe. Beat soup: Beat soup looks bring pink and the colour attractive. It is closely associated with borscht (the beat supped made from beets as well as cucumber, sour milk, buttermilk, dill and eggs boiled hard. Beat soup is popular in Latvia and is popular across Lithuania with the local name saltibarsciai. It’s a traditional drink made in summer and spring.

Blini: These are small buckwheat pancake; occasionally include potato or raisins made into a batter. The savoury ones are topped with sour cream and the see blinis are topped with honey and butter. Taste and enjoy it during your Baltic Tours ! Pork ribs: Pork is the most popular meat in across the Baltic region. The common type are backed and grilled and come with diverse sauces depending on the specific restaurant. It is known as thus: searibid in Estonia, ribas in Latvia and as sonkauliukai in Lithuania.

Rhubarb: Rhubarb is vegetable-based and is used frequently in the Baltic countries. You’d also get rhubarb-based drinks are widely used in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Rhubarb pies, cakes, soufflés, cheesecakes are very popular in spring because rhubarb is the reason. In Latvia, the stewed rhubarb is popular and is known as kiselis.

Fish: Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania have a long coastline along the Baltic Sea. So, they can get fresh marine food. The more common are trout and herring, which are oily and pike and other white fish are available as well. Fish are generally served in cold part. They may be marinated, smoked or raw.

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