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Baltic Travels – Visit the Capitals

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The Baltic countries are known for their unique features that make them worth visiting. Located together, the three countries can bring you the best travel experience whether you belong to Europe, Asia and America and other parts of the world. We would deal here travelling all the capital cities of the Baltic region. That is, Baltic Travels trip to all the three capital towns in the countries.

  • Riga is estimated to be the biggest of all capital cities in the three countries and is known for the majestic Art Nouveau architecture. During all the years of the 20th century, between 300 and 500 building were built in different styles of architecture. They are located in the Old Town. You can also consider visiting the Stalinist Brutalist TV Tower and Socialist Classicist Academy of Sciences.
  • Further, Riga has a large population who speak Russian. The history of the past including occupation by Russia is well preserved in the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia (1941-1991). Make sure to visit the central marketed located near the former zeppelin hangars under your Baltic Travel plan.
  • Then, comes Vilnius (Lithuania). Vilnius is the lone Baltic capital city that has no port. The Old Town of the city is endowed with majestic buildings in the baroque architectural style.
  • In Vilnius, make sure to visit the Genocide Museum. It is located in the erstwhile headquarters of KGB. The museum shows the history of occupation by Soviet. You can take a view of torture and execution chambers. All open for public exhibition.
  • Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and it is in the northernmost part of the Baltic region. Tallinn has a port and connects with neighbouring Scandinavian counties including Sweden and Finland. Further, the city is connected to St Petersburg (Russia) via bus. Tallinn is known as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe because of its people from diverse regions.

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